Xi'an LONGER Machinery Co., Ltd. is a diversified supplier for extensive range of industrial machinery, it now focuses on providing kinds of oilfield tools which are of China origin. LONGER is always making efforts to help the customers to solve the problem they meet, it has a group of specialists who could help the customers source what they need by the most economical and safe way.


All of the prod ucts LONGER provide conform to API and other recognized international standard, with advanced technology, production facilities, scient ific detection methods, good quality management systems ...      

Integral Blade ...

Integral Spiral Blades Stabilizer Integral Straight Blades Stabilizer

Mud Pump

Mud Pump and Expandables

New LOGO & Website
LONGER's new LOGO and Website come into use from Oct. 2013.
ADIPEC 2013, Booth No.10315E
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